What's in a name?

This is the obligatory introduction/first blog post post. I decided to talk about something that I’ve gotten many questions on, and that’s my name.

I actually have several names that I go by:

Formal: Michael Angelo

Informal: Mike/Michael/Mikey

Fraternity: Michael “Tiwala” Miranda

Stage Name: Maahikeee

Today I want to take some time to talk about my stage name. First and foremost it is pronounced like Mikey NOT Ma-Hick-ee, because I am no ones hickey. Now where on earth did this spelling come from?! We’ll if you travel back in time with me to the days of AIM, when we all had bizarre ass screen names (aka handles for the younger audience), I wanted to create something… wait… I think we went too far back I’m thinking of a different name..


I remember now! I actually have someone to thank for inspiring this name. My cousin Mayee (go follow her on insta @mayyeeh) had this twitter handle that I really liked, @mayyeeh. The stylization was simple, appealing to the eye, and I wanted to emulate this. After many many trials, I finally came up with Maahikeee, and loved it! It was playful, not too long, and different enough for people to recognize or point out in a sea of names. So I stuck with this name from when I started twitter, thru starting IG, and now it’s my Stage Name. So unfortunately, there isn’t a great and inspirational story of the origins of Maahikeee, but I do see a bright future!

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