The Roster EP (2018)

A 5-track project where I talk about the different situationships I’ve been daddling in from 2017 ‘til now. Take a journey with me thru excitement, angst, anger, hope, happiness, desire, and everything in between. The Roster truly is a perfect blend of emotions and story telling.

Get ready to get up and move your feet to “Gotchu Sayin.” Rock with me for the ghosting anthem that is “No More.” Reminisce thru the feelings of lost love with “Missing You” ft. Ardie, and more!

Produced by Dan Newkirk of Newkirk Productions. Recorded in Columbus, OH. Released under Pretty & Petty Records. Click the image for direct links to streaming services

Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Don’t Breathe (2017)

Available on, Don’t Breathe is a 10-track collaborative album, where I asked some of my closest friends to sings the songs I wrote. This album goes through the emotions of love, loss, realignment, realization, and appreciation. The title track “Don’t Breathe” is about never giving up and making sure to get back on track no matter what happens. To listen to or purchase please click on the photo for a direct link to the site. All sales from this album will go to The Open Shelter, a local homeless shelter in Columbus.

“You’ll never see the other side if you don’t breathe”


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