Hey it’s your favorite singer-songwriter!

Thanks for visiting the website. If you made it here you’re not only amazing and awesome, you probably know that MAAHIKEEE is pronounced Mikey, and you’re now part of the PRETTY&PETTY Fam (if you want to be :P) so welcome!


What started as a joke, PRETTY&PETTY brings to life the mindset of being both confident and beautiful in Music, Merch, or Productions. Learning to be confident in your own skin and acknowledging your own beauty and worth is something I hope we can do together

Whether you’re an aspiring singer or future engineer, having the PRETTY&PETTY mindset, which means believing in yourself and your craft, having the ability to speak your mind, and not being scared to venture in the unknown, will hopefully help you get where you want to go and beyond.


I have always believed the power of collaboration, that the efforts as a collective take us further than we ever could on our own. Each of us has the ability to succeed, but I believe this ability is enhanced when we begin to network up, down, especially across.

Regardless if you need help with music, song-writing, dance, or even finance, please feel free to reach out and contact me. I am always open to share my knowledge and skills for collaborations, performances, and/or consultations. I love connecting with and sharing my connections and abilities with people. Together we really can do anything.


Much love,



“Don’t be afraid to

ask for help.”